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Blockchain in Real Estate: A $ 30 million luxury building was tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain

EVERYONE CAN BUY PART The luxury building worth $ 30 million located in Manhattan, New York, became the first New York building tokenized on blockchain. The property in East Village has 12 floors, each 1700 square foot condos. The property […]

Book TOKENIZATION: a smart way to get and properly use funding from small investors on blockchain

The new book TOKENIZATION: a smart way to get and properly use funding from small investors on blockchain by Richard Watzke, co-founder and chief strategist of XIXOIO, is now on sale. If you would like to gain information on how to accelerate your […]

The second era of the Internet just begins. Blockchain will turn all sectors, the world expert Alex Tapscott says

The technologies which are behind the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are going to change the Internet. Already today companies around the world are investing, to make it more efficient for logistics. “Blockchain first hit investors and venture capital, another one […]

IT Systems: Blockchain in Finance – Are Some Features of Bitcoin Transferable?

At the end of October, we celebrated 10 years since the so-called Bitcoin White Paper was released – a basic document describing the theoretical functionality of the P2P payment network, Bitcoin. What is the course of 10 years Bitcoin – […]

Smart contracts from a legal standpoint and their use in Blockchain

Definition A smart contract is a decentralized running program that provides services to users. The source code of a smart contract and all its data are stored in the blockchain cryptocurrency platform. Informally A smart contract is created by its creator […]

The skyrocketing growth of interest rates is making the financing of business in the Czech Republic more expensive. The answer to this is TOKENIZATION

Domestic business felt the noticeable increase in the cost of financing after the Czech National Bank increased interest rates for already the fifth time this year, which are over three percent for the first time in six years. As a […]

Digital scarcity and Tokenisation of Securities – Security Tokens

Digital Scarcity There has recently been an explosion of blockchain solutions. At every possible conference and in the media there are so many statements that the careless listener could come to the conclusion that in a few years everything from […]

IT Systems: Blockchain in Retail and Logistics

Will blockchain cause a revolution in SCM, or is it a blind alley? The field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain was created less than a decade ago with the arrival of Bitcoin. What was once considered a toy for hackers and anarchists […]

Tokenization Expands the Opportunities to Utilize Smart Contracts

A paper contract is not always clear-cut and its interpretation often requires the use of the legal system. With a paper contract one can question the authenticity of signatures and even whether it was modified after it was signed. Obligations […]

Rating Providers and the Future of Blockchain Recommendations

Recommendations have always been and continue to be the most important thing we need to make the right choices.

Will Blockchain Bring Investment Valuation as Did the Internet?

Blockchain, decentralization and venture capital. The Holy Trinity of today. The year is 2018 and most of us already heard these terms. Every day, we read about the increasing interest in crypto-currencies and the industry around it.

Welcome in XIXOIO!

We are thanking you and welcoming in our blog.  Join us today for a short explanation how we see the future. Through new technologies, the humanity is entering the new era. We aware, that things we do not need are […]