First Crypto Banking Conference in the World, second year

Discover the charm of multilateral trading systems on Blockchain, raise capital or invest

Autumn 2019

For the second time in history, representatives of companies, banks, crypto world and regulation will meet at one place. At this major event, you will learn all about the possibilities of raising capital and investment.

Stock markets and the surroundings that cooperates with them represent a real opportunity today. Blockchain provides unparalleled possibilities for trading and transparency.

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Video: © 2018, 400 feet

Alex Tapscott Co-Founder of Blockchain Research Institute; Co-Author of Blockchain Revolution

Alex Tapscott

Thank you very much for hosting such a great event. I really enjoyed the presentations and the party was fun too.

Fabio Tomaschett Head ICO v Bank Frick

Fabio Tomaschett

I really appreciated being part of the event and think many other events could learn from how an event could be organised. I think the quality of most of the speakers was top-notch.

Pavel Kysilka Experienced banker and digital revolution expert

Pavel Kysilka

Pavel worked as vice governor in Czech National bank, as an expert in International Monetary fund, a chief economist in Česká spořitelna. His main theme is the digital revolution and its impact on business, economy, and society.

Mojmír Hampl Vice-governor of the Czech National Bank

Mojmír Hampl

Mojmír is the vice-governor of the Czech National Bank, focusing on monetary policy and often speaking about the clash between cryptocurrencies and regulations in traditional banking systems.

Thomas Nägele Blockchain Counsel | Liechtenstein

Thomas Nägele

Thomas is an attorney at law and managing partner of Nägele Rechtsanwälte GmbH in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Thomas is a mastermind behind Lichtenstein Blockchain Act, which aims to remove legal uncertainty in the blockchain and token economy.

Richard Watzke Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer at XIXOIO

Richard Watzke

Richard is devoted to observing trends related to demographic possibilities and emerging corresponding needs. Over the last decade, he has been creating business systems that monetize future demands of new generations while connecting companies with banks and fintech solutions.

Joel Camacho Co-founder and Managing Director of Decipher Capital

Joel Camacho

It was an amazing experience for me. I’m seeing a lot of great posts about the conference. Again, great job putting it together.