DevCon IV

The fourth annual DevCon IV Conference, which brings together developers of the Ethereum cryptocurrency platform, was held in Prague from October 30th to November 2nd. It is one of the largest cryptocurrency conferences in the world with an expected 4,000 attendees. In previous years the event was held in London, Shanghai and Cancun. Prague thus again confirms its place among the top cryptocurrency centers.


The XIXOIO team was participating in the conference by hosting an associated event, the XIXOBIT Party aboard the ship Altenburg 1964. The event included performances by a DJ and VJ, a free drink for the first 200 guests to arrive, a special XIXOIO drink and a Crypto Puzzle with the opportunity to unlock prizes in the amount of 1000 euro (in Ether cryptocurrency). Ethereum is the cryptocurrency platform with the second largest market capitalization in the world.



Unlike Bitcoin, which primarily functions as an independent peer-to-peer currency and store of value, Ethereum enables the development and operation of smart contracts and the launch of own blockchain tokens. In the past, these functions were most often used for the launch of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) – the initial offerings of tokens, which teams of developers used to raise capital for the development of their blockchain startups. Nevertheless, many of these projects failed to meet their obligations due to technical obstacles, nonfunctional business models, or the inappropriate implementation of own tokens in an otherwise functional project.  

XIXOIO plans to utilize the Ethereum platform within the framework of a new Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO) process in which existing companies with functional business models offer investors tokens that represent a contractual relationship between the company and token buyer. The contractual relationship could, for example, have the nature of shared profits from company operations (such shared “dividends” would then be sent to the company token holders in ether cryptocurrency).

Within the scope of building the XIXOIO platform, developers of smart contracts are always welcome at XIXOIO, and we are therefore honored to host an associated event for the largest global gathering of Ethereum developers.