XIXOIO Publicly Promises to Tokenize the First Firms and Bring Them Capital in 2019

At the end of November, a unique event, the First Crypto-Banking Conference in the World, was held in Prague. The packed unique Empire Hall at Slovanský dům hosted personalities from domestic and global banking, representatives of regulators and even acknowledged leaders of the crypto-community, who discussed issues regarding the future of the banking sector and finance. In addition, hundreds of participants watched the conference online.

Colin Platt

The main topic was the future of blockchain utilization in the areas of finance and investment. The timeliness of the topic was enhanced by a new announcement by the Czech Government, which has decided to support blockchain and make the Czech Republic one of its global centers and so attract talent and investment.

Lukáš Kovanda moderated the conference

Moreover, the Global fintech company, XIXOIO presented unique blockchain solutions and a comprehensive infrastructure for banks, firms and investors at this event. The core of what is a completely new solution from a global standpoint is IPCO (Initial Public Coin Offering). This is a product from XIXOIO that combines the advantages of an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and an IPO (Initial Public Offering). This solution, which XIXOIO will start offing to firms throughout the EU next year, will make it possible to raise capital for company development by means of so-called tokenization.

Richard Watzke, Founder of XIXOIO

“The IPCO solution is built upon a combination of the advantages of ICOs and IPOs. The advantages of simplicity and flexibility offered by an ICO and at the same time, the possible regulation and oversight that an IPO enables. This is what digital subscriptions of currencies based on blockchain were missing until now and a reason that they started to be not credible for investors, reveals Richard Watzke, Founder of XIXOIO and adds: “I publicly proclaim that by the end of 2019, we will tokenize the first firms and in 2020, tens of others, to which we will bring capital, will follow.“


The First Crypto-banking Conference in the World