Crypto-banking & Business Tokenisation Ecosystem


What is XIXOIO

Our aim is to build and nurture a new financial ecosystem to fulfil the needs of clients from various industries, including established, real-world businesses and financial sector.

For that purpose, we are building a modular platform including solutions such as financing, crypto-fiat gateways, legal, compliance, consulting and custody.


Our products

To fully cover a variety of needs for our clients XIXOIO
platform develops and manages multiple modules.

Tokenization process

Initial Public Coin Offering is a tool for company financing using blockchain technology. Companies submit their business proposals, which are evaluated, rated and offered to potential investors. Investors buy company tokens, which constitute stakes in future revenue or other claims. Raised capital is being issued in tranches, after meeting predefined milestones. The process takes place in a simple, safe and regulatory compliant environment.

Business accounts

Cloudware for financial institutions, which provide transactional services in fiat/cash. ROWA B. operates with EMI (Electronic Money Institution) license, which can be used by clients through white-label licensing. The first use case of ROWA B. is FASTransfer – remittance service for Southeast Asian countries. ROWA B. is a part of XIXOIO Platform as a Service (PaaS) crypto finance platform.

AML compliance

A comprehensive, flexible and customizable online anti-money laundering cloudware that develops and updates real-time AML risk scoring of individual and corporate clients, financial institutions, and other obligated persons in accordance to statutory requirements.

Fiat-crypto gateway

Smart payment gateway for fiat/cryptocurrency operations with exchange functionality. Service is used by companies to provide payments, exchange and trade services for their clients. BrambleX is a part of XIXOIO PaaS crypto finance platform.

Banking solution

A turnkey cloudware for clients from the banking industry. Banks provide their clients with secure services utilizing white label blockchain solutions. Without the necessity to set up specialized departments or develop their own blockchain tools. Ypsilonbank is a part of XIXOIO PaaS crypto finance platform.

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Payments card

White label solution for multicurrency fiat/cryptocurrency card enables clients to set up their own card program. The card supports fiat and cryptocurrency deposits, payments and withdrawals, automatically selecting the most cost-effective payment method if multiple currencies are deposited. Igorcard is a part of XIXOIO PaaS crypto finance platform.

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Legal services

Legal services for XIXOIO platform clients. Serviced by professional lawyers with proficiency in blockchain industry legal and regulatory matters. Assisting with compliant smart contract setup, compliant IPCO token sales.

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Safekeeping & Custody

Security and insurance services for XIXOIO platform clients, utilizing advanced security techniques in form of hardware wallets, multisignature transactions, and custodian services.

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An investment fund with a license for securities dealer. Through the practice of passports, eezzu will be able to offer asset tokens in EU countries. eezzu also provides loans to IPCO candidates for fees related to IPCO process, if needed.

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Stock exchange

The world’s first stock market focused on equity tokens.

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Advocacy & Lobby

Banking Cryptocurrency Association is an independent international association, representing, advocating and protecting the interests of its members on national and international levels. BACCA deals with governmental, non-governmental and trade organizations and takes part in the legislative process and setting of industry standards.

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Nikolay Rozhok

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Watzke

Chief Strategy Officer

Petr Ponert

Head of Business Development
Marian Hanes

Marian Hanes

CEO of AML System s.r.o.

Olga Petrovicová

Chief of Compliance

Natalya Rozhok

Chief Information Officer

Geronimo Matias

Chief Technology Officer

Yuriy Shiryaev

Head of Design

Strategic Partners

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Popular Questions

What is XIXOIO?

XIXOIO Ltd. is a Czech company managing the XIXOIO modular platform. The XIXOIO platform represents an ecosystem for banking, FinTech and cryptocurrency solutions.

What is IPCO?

Initial Public Coin Offering (IPCO) is a certified process of initial public offers of coins, where an existing company offers its tokens to investors for investment. The goal of the successful IPCO process is to acquire capital for further development of the company and create a community of token owners who are able to invest in business plans (depending on the type of token sold).

What is a token?

Cryptocurrency tokens are units existing on a blockchain (a decentralized, shared database). Unlike cryptocurrency, tokens do not have their own blockchain, but they act as an affiliated project of an existing cryptocurrency. A typical example is tokens that originate from the Ethereum platform that allows anyone to create their own tokens. Ethereum-based tokens (such as the ERC-20 or ERC-223 standard – as will the XIXOIO token be) can be kept on Ethereum addresses and are supported by an ecosystem of established wallets, including hardware wallets (Treasure, Ledger). When sending tokens of the Ethereum platform, it is necessary to have small ETH units available to pay a transaction fee to the platform.

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a decentralized, globally shared and transparent database. Within the blockchain, all transactions and balances on individual addresses are traceable. With the help of the so-called blockchain explorer, you can validate balances at your addresses, track confirmation of entered transactions, etc. The blockchain of decentralized cryptocurrencies (eg Bitcoin, Ethereum) does not have a central administrator but is run by a community of so-called miners and software clients (full node).

Does XIXOIO create its own blockchain?

No, the intention is to issue an ERC-223 standard token on the Ethereum platform. We will, therefore, use the Ethereum blockchain platform.

Is it dangerous to invest in cryptocurrencies?

In general, investing in cryptocurrencies can be considered as very risky. Cryptocurrencies can be created by anyone, and most are condemned when they come into existence. Our cryptocurrency, the XIXOIO platform, introduces an element of trust in this wild world. We will bring IPCO projects that we verify to minimize the likelihood of poor quality.

Can cryptocurrencies be easily stolen?

Holding cryptocurrencies brings increased security demands. Nevertheless, with a high quality of security, theft of cryptocurrencies is almost completely eliminated. Even just owning them can be considered safer than keeping money in a bank account. The cryptocurrency platform XIXOIO also offers services to increase the security of holding cryptocurrencies.

Is using cryptocurrencies complicated?

When cryptocurrencies first entered the market, it was in reality very complicated. At present, there is a large number of applications that simplify the usage of cryptocurrencies. Using cryptocurrencies can be as easy (as it will be with XIXOIO), as using the internet or mobile banking.